Loop trolley and its funding sources at odds on air quality | Letters to the editor

I have many concerns about the Loop Trolley, specifically about the funding that it got. On the Loop Trolley website it says that the project was funded by an urban development grant, which surprises me because I noticed many empty storefronts lately compared to before construction started. I think the cause of this could be taxes that were imposed on Loop businesses.

The website also says that the trolley project was funded by grants from the Congestion Mitigation & Air Quality Improvement Program, which makes me even more surprised. The trolley decreases the air quality by making cars idle more because it blocks traffic. At my elementary school, I have helped collect data about idling. I learned that for every 10 minutes you idle you produce a pound of carbon dioxide. The Loop Trolley didn’t deserve this funding.

Leander Ances • University City

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